Dems Trash Lobbyists, Party with Their Cash

Democrats ditch plan for corporate money ban in Charlotte.
3:00 | 09/10/12

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Transcript for Dems Trash Lobbyists, Party with Their Cash
All week and Charlotte. Top Democrats flocked to a series of elegant lavish parties even as the corporations and lobbyists paying for them. He described as the enemy inside the convention hall. If you give up on the idea -- your voice can make a difference. And other voices will fill the board the lobbyists and special interest the people -- the ten million dollar checks were trying to buy this election. Yet while the Democrats initially ban lobbyists and corporate contributions. In the end they -- a lot of -- and mr. Obama's convention. Insiders have just accepted. This is the system we've got to live with the system and get as much as we can. The CEO of Duke Energy the country's largest electric utility headquartered in charge. Pledged to raise at least 47 million dollars including from major corporations. Heavily dependent on the White House and congress. And the -- millions more respect for the round of no expense spared parties put on by corporate lobbyists. Think there are certain this Genpact -- was hosted by prominent Washington lobbyist Tony Podesta. Who represents BP oil Wal-Mart and a long list of other corporations with major issues in Washington. We're happy -- Entertainer friends and guests -- the friends and guests we spotted at least five senators including Judiciary Committee chairman Patrick Leahy. And a member of the house committee on government reform. Unaffected by the president's disdain from options relationship I -- But it is those very relationships. Which ethnics groups say can have a hidden profound impact. In a thousand ways. I'm. You know buried inside -- bills you begin to see policy shifting in a direction that makes sense from the perspective of money but doesn't make sense from the perspective. The people. So for the lobbyist here and in Tampa it was money well spent Brian Ross ABC news --

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{"id":17203372,"title":"Dems Trash Lobbyists, Party with Their Cash","duration":"3:00","description":"Democrats ditch plan for corporate money ban in Charlotte.","url":"/Blotter/video/dems-trash-lobbyists-party-cash-17203372","section":"Blotter","mediaType":"default"}