Marathon Bombing Investigators Ask What Attracted Terror Suspects to Boston Suburb

Authorities said they know of no link between the Times Square bomber and the two accused Marathon bombers, other than the coincidental connections to Watertown.

Now, just more than a month after the bombings, windows in the Watertown area where hundreds of bullets were fired and four bombs were lobbed at police remain webbed with bullet holes and marked with FBI tape.

An ATF evidence cone marked "58" rests in a tulip bed. The vinyl siding of several homes is ripped with ricochet rounds.

The street is stained black from a pressure-cooker bomb.

Blood left behind after Tamerlan Tsarnaev was run over by his fleeing brother is still visible on the corner where the chaos was at its height.

Later, residents incorporated the bloodstain in a chalk drawing with the initials "USA" written underneath.

Freelance writer Michele McPhee is a Boston-based reporter and frequent contributor to ABC News.

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