Witness: Cain Accuser Reported 'Inappropriate' Touching


Victor Zuckerman: Bialek Said 'Something Had Happened'

When Bialek lost her job just days later, Zuckerman says he recommended that she contact Cain for help finding a new one. He said that he paid for a room at the Capital Hilton, but did not upgrade Bialek.

During her own press conference with Gloria Allred, Bialek also said that Zuckerman had paid for a room at the hotel in Washington. When arrived, however, she found she was in a suite. According to Bialek, when she met Cain for drinks, he said, "I upgraded you."

Bialek said she and Cain then went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant, after which he drove her over to the headquarters of the National Restaurant Association.

Outside the building, when they were in Cain's car, she said, "He put his hand on my leg and reached for my genitals. He brought my head toward his crotch." When she resisted, said Bialek, saying that she had not met with him for that reason and that she had a boyfriend, he implied that if she wanted a job, she should comply. According to Bialek, she asked Cain to take her back to her hotel and he agreed.

Zuckerman said he can confirm Bialek's account of what happened after she came back from Washington. "When she returned, she was upset," said Zuckerman. "She said something had happened. He had touched her in an inappropriate manner. She didn't want to talk about it further."

Zuckerman said that he has stayed in touch with Bialek, and that several weeks ago when Politico published a report on two former National Restaurant Association employees receiving settlements after making charges of sexual harassment, he contacted her.

"I remembered that she had had a bad experience. I called her to ask her if she was one of the accusers. She said no, but that based on her experience that such accusations didn't surprise her."

Zuckerman said that Bialek "became livid" when she heard Cain had denied the accusations. "I suggested that if she was going to speak out, she should call Gloria Allred."

Zuckerman said that "in order to get ahead of any parties that want to discredit me," he wanted to disclose that he had no criminal record or disciplinary record as a doctor, but that he had moved to Louisiana from Bloomingdale, Illinois after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

He also said that he is a registered Republican, and that there was no political purpose to his statement. "The public has a right to this information to make informed decisions," said Zuckerman.

Cain has denied all the sexual harassment accusations, blaming them on his political rivals and on a "Democrat machine." He said he has never acted inappropriately with anyone. He also said that his first response to Sharon Bialek's press conference was confusion, since he did not know her and had no memory of ever meeting her.

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In Shreveport Monday, Gloria Allred called on Cain to be "honest and forthcoming with the public," and admit that he knows Sharon Bialek, "admit all the details of what happened when she met with him in 1997," and also address in detail the allegations made by his other accusers.

"Mr. Cain's strategy of blanket denials simply won't work," said Allred.

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