Would You Pay $70,000 for Your Vacation? Don't Laugh, Many Do


The company offers several routes today, with the longest being the famous Paris-Budapest-Bucharest-Istanbul leg. The five-night trip costs $7,690 one way.

While some seek high-end travel as a way to escape into their own private world, the Orient Express lets people promenade in their best.

"The historic decor of the train and its atmosphere means travelers can never overdress on the Orient Express," the company said. "Evening wear for gentlemen is a business suit or black tie, with formal dinner dresses for women."

Those looking for even more flexibility can charter their own yacht. Some of the larger vessels can be rented for up to $180,000 a week. That does not include food, liquor, docking fees or fuel, which usually add an extra 25 to 30 percent on top of the rental fee. The crew will also expect a tip of 15 percent to 20 percent. Some of the super-rich have shelled out a shocking $500,000 a week for a berth on these super yachts.

Kenny Wooton, executive editor of Showboats International, a magazine covering yachts 100 feet long and larger, called these yachts "the best-kept secret in travel."

These boats typically can pamper six to 12 people and include large bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and rooftop hot tubs.

Take Kaleen, a 130-foot yacht that charters for $80,000 a week from the International Yacht Collection in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The main stateroom features a California king bed, walk-in closet and the bathroom has a whirlpool.

Remember, this is a boat.

"If you wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning and you want a sardine omelet and they don't have sardines onboard, they'll send a diver out to get sardines," Wooton said.

The other advantage: "If you don't like the beach, restaurants, the town, you move," Wooton said.

So, where is the luxury travel market heading next?

Morgan-Grenville said that travelers will seek more and more exotic places further off the beaten track.

But, he added, the next big market will be travel to outer space, most likely beginning with suborbital flights.

"Part of travel is to include what is generally termed as bragging rights," he said. "You have to remember that only 400 people have been into space."

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