Working Wounded Blog: Sexual Harassment By Proxy

"Successful entrepreneurs are not high risk takers! They choose what they perceive to be moderately difficult challenges. Once committed they pursue the idea with great courage. They also do everything possible to reduce their risk, such as locking up a distribution channel, forming a key partnership or supporting the start-up with a related service that generates revenue while they learn. You can be too cautious or you can be too wild. Ask yourself: "If it were my money, would I risk it?"

Working Wounded Mailbag:

"The worst job I've ever had was a one-week temp job for a hosiery company. They produced lingerie and underwear shows on the catwalks of Paris using the undergarments they designed here in America for sale in Europe. Instead of discarding the unmentionables once the shows were over, they shipped them back to Winston-Salem as a part of their inventory, presumably for tax purposes. In doing so, they needed to record the existence of this inventory. The problem was that each pair of drawers were different, so they needed someone to type up a description for each pair of panties, briefs, and thongs, which numbered in the hundreds. This is where I came in. My job was to sort through each used pair of both men's and women's undergarments. I was put into a cubicle with a computer and Hefty sacks full of the 'inventory.' I was assured that the garments had been washed. Scraps of paper were pinned onto each piece written with names like 'Jean-Pierre' and 'Bridgette.' It was also interesting to see that men's underwear in France have unusually protuberant pouches sewn into the crotch. But I digress. I soon found out both by sight and smell that the laundry had not been done. To put it lightly, I found streaks. To put it bluntly, I found French cheese. By the time I realized this situation, I had handled dozens of dirty model drawers with bare hands. I became familiar with both Bridgette and Jean-Pierre and gained much unnecessary insight into French toileting habits. Because no one in the office could find me a pair of rubber gloves on day one, I continued my task by pinching them up by the least offensive margin I could find (which is hard to determine with a thong) and inhaled through the mouth, and wished myself Godspeed. I'm pleased to report I finished my stint two days earlier than expected."

Blog Ballot Results

Here are the results from a recent Working Wounded Blog/ online ballot:
How do you deal with good looking people at work?

       I do everything I can to make their life miserable, 7.3 percent
       I favor 'em, 21.2 percent
       I treat 'em the same percent

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