Working Wounded Blog: Donald's Double Dip

"A fault in the interpretation of observations, seen everywhere, is to suppose that every event (defeat, mistake, accident) is attributable to someone (usually the one nearest at hand), or is related to some special event. The fact is that most troubles with service and production lie in the system … 94 percent belong to the system (responsibility of management)."

Working Wounded Mailbag:

"My worst job interview experience was a call-back interview, where I was invited to speak to the person second-in-command for a small private company. I wore a suit and the person showed up in jeans and a dirty T-shirt. She started the interview by putting her feet on the desk and asking what I thought of her shoes. When I said 'interesting,' she said, 'Now that I've established you have lousy taste, let's talk about your background.' She then looked at my résumé and told me that because I had gotten my Ph.D. only two years earlier, I still had my 'head up my a** and couldn't possibly know anything.' For the next hour she asked me some illegal questions, like whether I was planning to have kids and spent most of the time talking about how great she was. It took a lot of willpower not to walk out on her (I didn't because my field is small). However, I promptly took my name out of running upon returning to my office."

Blog Ballot Results

Here are the results from a recent Working Wounded Blog/ online ballot:
Which movie title best describes your company's response to sexual harassment?

       And Justice For All, 17.4 percent
       Internal Affairs, 43.5 percent
       Dumbo, 8.7 percent
       Let It Be, 30.4 percent

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