'Working Wounded': Curing Conversation

Winning Strategy

Our winning strategy for remembering people's names at work comes from R.B. in Beaverton, Ore.:

"When I'm in a meeting with new people present, after the business cards are exchanged, I very respectfully arrange the cards on the table in front of me to match the seating order of the people in the room. This is my "Business Card Ceremony." Then, while the meeting progresses, the cards give me a visual cue to use the person's name. By the time the meeting is over, I know everyone's name well. For those who don't have cards, their name is written on my notepad for the same effect."

List of the Week

Getting that foot in the door … Most unusual job hunting strategies

      Candidate sent a singing telegram to the employer, highlighting his qualifications

      Candidate wore a tuxedo to the interview

      Candidate brought Starbuck's for the entire office

      Candidate photocopied his face as a background for his resume

Source: Career Builder

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