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"The Japanese have invented some truly useful words. One of them is otaku. Otaku describes something that is more than a hobby but a little less than an obsession. Otaku is the overwhelming desire that gets someone to drive across town to try a new ramen-noodle shop that got a great review. Otaku is the desire to find out everything about Lionel's new digital locomotive -- and to tell your fellow hobbyists about it. People read Fast Company because they have an otaku about business. They visit trade shows to stay on the cutting edge -- not just to help their company survive, but because they like that edge. Otaku, it turns out, is at the heart of the Purple Cow phenomenon."

Working Wounded Mailbag:

"The worst advice I've ever been given at work was: "Go ahead and apply for that job over in department X … even though you don't like the person who will be supervising you, you'll be getting paid more!" Unfortunately, I took the advice, got the job, ended up hating it and got stuck for a full miserable year until I could find another job. Lesson learned -- money isn't everything!!!"

Blog Ballot Results

Here are the results from a recent Working Wounded Blog/ online ballot:
Are sex roles starting to blur where you work?

       No, men are still men and women are still women, 36 percent
       It's sometimes hard to predict what people will say and do, 45 percent
       It's downright confusing at work today, 18.9 percent

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