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"Plan as far ahead as possible. Planning ahead is the single most important strategy you can use to consistently travel where you want, when you want at the lowest possible price. Planning seven days ahead is better than nothing at all, planning a month out is better yet, planning a year ahead of time is ideal, especially if you want to use frequent flyer miles and hotel points. That's not so say you should purchase your air ticket or book your car rental one year in advance, but to simply start the wheels in motion. When you begin figuring out what you want to do well in advance of your travel date, you give yourself the opportunity to research various strategies and maximize your options."

Working Wounded Mailbag

"Here is a way that I got back against a practical joker. About ten years ago, I had a coworker who told me every blonde joke he could think of -- including the one about how to tell if a blonde has been at the computer. At the time, I had a kaleidoscope screensaver on my computer. I had another friend come in to work early and put a piece of cellophane covered in White Out on my monitor. When I came in, I yelled at my coworker for taking the joke too far. He kept on swearing he was innocent, and no one in the group believed him. It was years before anyone found out that I'd set him up."

Blog Ballot Results

Here are the results from a recent Working Wounded Blog/ online ballot:

Which statement best describes you?

       I'm a person with a lot of enemies at work, 12.6 percent
       I'm a person with very few enemies at work, 63.3 percent
       I'm a person with no enemies at work, 23.9 percent

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