Working Wounded: Keeping it Private

How would you describe your performance in your last job interview?
   I wouldn't have hired me, 9.4 percent
   Off the charts, 31.7 percent
   So, so, 58.8 percent

Winning Strategy

Our winning strategy for staying positive in a job interview comes from B.H. in New York, N.Y.:

"I always try to be myself in an interview. Sure, often you feel like you need to fit in, to dull some of your edges. But would you really want to work in a place that is attracted to that kind of person? I say go in to your interview as you, you just might be surprised at how they respond."

List of the Week

Look who's not talking … How executives communicate today

  Telephone, 13 percent (48 percent five years ago)
  Face to face meetings, 14 percent (24 percent five years ago)
  E-mail, 71 percent (27 percent five years ago)

From: OfficeTeam

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