Gauging Honesty at Work

"This is a strange world, and it promises to only get stranger. Niels Bohr, who engaged with Heisenberg in those long, nighttime conversations that ended in despair, once said that great ideas, when they appear, seem muddled and strange. They are only half understood by their discoverer and remain a mystery to everyone else. But if an idea does not appear bizarre, he counseled, there is no hope for it. So we must live with the strange and the bizarre, directed to unseen lands by faint glimmers of hope. Every moment of this journey requires that we be comfortable with uncertainty and appreciative of chaos' role."

Blog Ballot Results

Here are the results from a recent Working Wounded Blog/ online ballot:

What is most dangerous about the mindset you bring to work?

   There really isn't a danger, 17.7 percent

   Lack of creativity, 19.3 percent

   Attempts to control, 29 percent

   Rigid thinking, 33.8 percent

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