Working Wounded: Consultants Have No Clothes

Many of you are probably saying that this doesn't really matter. It all goes back to the Hawthorne effect -- remember, that's where a company turned up its lights and found that productivity increased. Then when productivity stabilized, management tried turning the lights down and found -- like magic -- that productivity magically increased again. The lesson is that over the short haul almost anything you do can potentially increase productivity.

So corporate America, be a bit more careful in doing your homework. Just because speakers have a brand name, don't assume that their principles work in the real world. That's the bad news. The good news is that the due diligence isn't that hard to do. You've just got to do some homework on how they actually run their own companies. I can guarantee that you'll often be surprised by what you find.


"No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong." -- Albert Einstein


From "Mintzberg on Management: Inside our Strange World of Organizations" by Henry Mintzberg (Free Press, 1989):

"We should be encouraging young organizations to establish themselves and attain adulthood; we should be encouraging small organizations that involve their people and provide eclecticism in the marketplace; we should be encouraging autonomous, focused organizations that understand their missions, 'know' the people they serve, and excite the ones they employ; we should be encouraging "thick" management, deep knowledge, healthy competition, and authentic social responsibility. We need to get back to our basic senses, to feel genuine commitment, to use informal intuition by promoting forms of organization that encourage these things. Only in these ways, it seems to me, shall we find our way back from the frozen wastes of our strange world of organizations."

Blog Ballot Results

Here are the results from a recent Working Wounded Blog/ online ballot:

How should we deal with immigrants?

   Don't give them anything, 17.2 percent

   Give them a helping hand, 34.4 percent

   Give them a ticket home, 41.3 percent

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