'Working Wounded': Conflict Resolution

Winning Strategy

Our winning strategy for being more ethical at work comes from D.A. in Tacoma, Wash.:

"My company makes ethics easy. We have a code of conduct that outlines specifically what the organization expects us to do in a wide variety of difficult situations. And we are encouraged to discuss it in our staff meetings. I believe that if more companies did these two simple steps we would see a lot fewer executives doing perp walks. Which makes me wonder if companies really want to reduce ethical challenges at work."

List of the Week

Disney rules … How Americans feel about Disney characters at work

(Disney is the parent company of ABCNews.com)

      American executives identify most with Mickey Mouse's leadership ability (after all, he is the leader of the club made for you and me!).

      U.S. Military personnel admit to being a bit "Grumpy," which could be explained by cots and early wake-up calls.

      Teachers put Minnie Mouse at the head of the class.

      Doctors were most likely to call themselves Dopey, while nurses chose Cinderella.

Source: Walt Disney Company

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