Land Grab: Clean Energy Movement Can Leave Communities Divided

"We can't have our cake and eat it too," Cruickshank conceded. "In other words, if we supported the ban outright, it would hurt our case for just compensation, either in an individual or class action law suit, for the taking of a landowner's right to do what they want with their land."

It's a difficult issue, Cruickshank said.

"Personally, I never want to see drilling happen up here," he said. "But these are my neighbors and I see their point of view."

Back in Texas, goat farmer Deborah Rogers is not giving up her fight to protect the environment. But she's not out to go to war with her neighbors either.

Rogers said she wants to continue working with the energy companies to find a compromise. She knows she has little power to stop the companies altogether.

"I don't have anything against drilling," she said. "They have a right to drill."

"I'm simply asking them to drill in a responsible manner."

With additional reporting by Dalia Fahmy

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