Bands Go Sailing, Avoid Gas Prices


"A two-month European tour can be half the cost of a one-month U.S. tour just because of the long distance you have to travel to get from place to place," Kaufman said.

Leaving the Driving to Greyhound

Another musician, a DJ artist known as Bizzart, will tour via Greyhound bus later this summer to avoid the high gas prices. Because most of his mixing equipment can be stored in a couple of bags, he doesn't need the space that other bands require to move multiple instruments and sound equipment. So he'll hunker down for long hours in the bus right alongside tourists. So much for the notion of the rowdy rock 'n' roll tour bus.

"I know a lot of people in the music business, and that's pretty unusual," Kauffman said. "But the expense of renting a car and paying for the gas has become impossible for some people, unless they want to go into debt and fund it all on credit cards."

Red Hunter said he hopes to save enough money on the sailboat tour to make the trip worthwhile. And the unique plan has had the added effect of putting a small spotlight on a tour that might otherwise not get much media attention.

"The fact that it'll be cheaper and the fact that it seems to be getting a lot of exposure are the two biggest reasons I'm doing it. Hopefully, I'm going to be able to pay for the rest of my tour on the money I save," he said.

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