Business Casual Goes to the Dogs

"I'm a dog lover and dog owner, but I'm a firm believer that pets do not belong in the workplace," says Ethan A. Winning, a psychologist and president of EA Winning Associates, a management and employee relations consulting firm.

Winning says pets in the workplace serve as a distraction despite workers insisting they are more productive when their pets are around.

"If a dog comes up to you, you are going to stop what you are doing to throw a ball for it or pet it. It doesn't make workers more productive. What it does is put workers more at risk of getting sick," he says.

Eileen Keriber, the Business Manager at Rockwell Group, agrees that the dogs are a distraction, but she says they're a good one.

"I think having such lovable critters around keeps us honest and helps keep the humor and perspective in a stressful job. If I have a rough day/meeting/call, I just play with a dog for a minute, or go to the dog park across the street and am instantly reminded that for every complex stress in life there's a simple pleasure to balance it with," she says.

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