Oh, Baby, I'm in a Ferrari


Gear changes are actuated by paddles that grow out of the side of the wheel. The horn is integrated into the sides of the steering wheel. And a one-inch button located on the front of the wheel starts the car.

The rumble of the 12-cylinder is actually quite pleasant.

"Want the exhaust to be pleasant. It's musical," Andy said. "There are engineers that work on the sound of the exhaust. It's an aggressive sound without being overblown."

With the engine revving, I was ready to shift into first and make sure the car could really get to 60 mph in three seconds. But not today.

I'm guessing the look of me tightly gripping the wheel, revving up the engine, while biting my lower lip and staring straight out the windshield told my hosts that I just wasn't ready to hit the road.

Another day, perhaps -- time to start saving my nickels and dimes.

I turned the key and climbed out.

It's hard falling in love, but I guess I still have all those matchbox cars somewhere.

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