Crazy Productive: What Is Industrial Psychology?

"Much of my work is working with teams to create high-performance teams. Getting along is great, but working to help clients is better," he said.

Is This All Just Bull?

Despite the science practitioners claim is behind their methods, industrial psychology is not without its detractors.

In his book "100 Bulls**t Jobs … And How to Get Them," author and Fortune magazine columnist Stanley Bing accuses industrial psychologists of blowing a lot of hot air.

The problem with industrial psychology, he said, is that it focuses on the wrong problems.

"In my view, at best industrial psychology can do no harm, and at worst it can be a force for organizational fascism within the company," Bing told "It makes people adjust to the organization, when the organization is what needs adjusting.

"[Industrial psychologists] are a Band-Aid a lot of the time, which clueless people try to put on a problem in order to create the illusion of doing something to fix it."

The Milton City Council may never get the time it wants with an industrial psychologist.

The council has been paying psychologist Doug Griest $6,400 for consulting. But when local reporters demanded to be let in on the meetings, Griest said it would violate doctor-patient confidentiality.

According to Mayor Lockwood, the council is now deciding whether its members should waive their confidentiality rights, meet individually with Griest, or cancel the counseling.

Bing offers another suggestion for the council members.

"This is not a mental problem where people are having trouble adjusting. These people just hate each other and probably for good reason. They don't need a psychologist … they just need to do their jobs."

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