Beer and Ice Cream — Good Work If You Can Get It

His job included writing press releases, dealing with reviewers and doing marketing, including creating a MySpace page. Knapp also got to visit the sets of various adult films.

The job wasn't actually a summer one, but a semesterlong internship. And yes, Knapp got college credit for his time at Hustler.

Knapp said that while this was still a job, there were several subtle differences.

For instance, at most workplaces, if you are looking at porn on the Internet, you have to make sure you have another less-controversial Web site that you can quickly switch to. Knapp wrote on his blog how one day, while reading a news Web site, "I thought I heard someone coming up behind me. I panicked … and didn't relax until the hard-core [porn site] fully loaded."

So, during his time at Hustler, did Knapp make any adult-film cameos?

"No, I didn't and my mom would have killed me," he said. "My dad is proud as he--. He bragged about me to all my friends."

As for his girlfriend, Knapp said, "She's very tolerant. She knew I loved it and was just happy that I was doing something I enjoyed."

Living the High Life

Ever dreamed of living in an oceanfront penthouse and driving a Mercedes?

For one summer, that was part of Tara Palmer's job as a nanny for the kids of a young millionaire couple in Florida.

The Milwaukee, Wis., native supervised the couple's 2-year-old and 6-year-old children as the summer job quickly turned into a yearlong adventure.

There were weekends on a family yacht, a monthlong vacation to Hawaii and the chance to meet celebrities and sports stars. Palmer also got free clothing and access to a nightclub.

Anytime she needed to drive somewhere, Palmer just took the Mercedes that the family gave her for her tenure.

"They were very accommodating and treated me like part of the family," she said. "I never felt like I was hired help."

When a friend of Palmer's came to visit for a spring break road trip, the family flew the friend to Florida, and paid for all of their expenses. They even gave the two women money to go shopping.

And how did they get around?

"They rented us a convertible that week because they thought the Mercedes would be too boring to drive," Palmer said.

Life Is a Game

For those who like to spend their time playing games, Nintendo and other video game makers hire people to play their products all day long, looking for problems.

"This is sort of really a dream job for a lot of people," said David Young, a Nintendo spokesman.

No, this isn't a job that you can do at home in your underwear.

Video game makers are very concerned about their latest products being stolen, so testers must work in a secure office. Jobs come and go, depending on how close Nintendo is to a game release. In 2002, there were about 100 testers at the busiest time. This year, the number of testers is expected to fluctuate between 130 and 280.

Before you sign up, note this: Your job on some days might require playing the same scene over and over and over again.

Stephen Ward started testing games after he graduated from college with a degree in business administration. Now, 10 years later, he works full time for Nintendo.

"I'm not really using that degree now, but it helped get me into the door," Ward said.

Sound like fun? Start stretching your thumbs out now, because Nintendo only hires about one out of every 50 applicants.

Fast, Powerful Machines

For something a little more high speed, consider working for NASA.

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