Love: A Little Luck, a Lot of Cash


We asked Spindel if she would teach us a class. "Nightline" accompanied Spindel to the Capital Grille, a bar and restaurant in midtown Manhattan which is frequented by eligible professionals. She gave us some dating tips, and we put them to work.

Here are some of her tips.

"Men are intimidated by attractive women," she declares, so it's up to a woman to make it easy for them to approach. So smile as much as possible; compliment men on something they're wearing, or joke about what they're drinking. Just say anything to start a conversation, and they'll take it from there.

Don't dress like Barbie. That might be what a guy wants for tonight, but it's not what they want for a wife. "They all want the girl-next-door look," says Spindel, knowingly. "You know the low maintenance, no makeup, not a lot of jewelry. Absolutely that's what they call her. The girl-next-door look."

Don't talk about politics or emotional issues when you meet or on the first date. It's too heavy. Good topics for initial encounters: travel, sports, movies.

If you have a blind date, arrive early. You never know who you might meet while waiting at the bar.

Start conversations with three strangers of the opposite sex every day. Then, when you meet Mr. Right, you'll know how to approach him without fear.

Practice on the dorks. It gets your confidence up.

Don't hang around with negative people. Everyone's attracted to confidence and optimism so surround yourself with that.

"You have to decide what your priority is," says Spindel. "If your priority is getting into a relationship that's going to lead towards marriage, you have to do whatever it takes and leave no stone unturned until you do."

For more tips and to see Spindel's advice in action, watch "Nightline" Valentine's Day night.

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