Long Retirement, Meet Price Tag

Entering a New Phase

Roger Goodyear is something of a "professional retired person," as the president of the Retired Peace Officers of California. A police officer in Detroit and then Palo Alto, Goodyear was forced by the physical toll of police work to leave his job on an industrial disability award earlier than he intended, which reduced his pension.

That was 26 years ago. Today Goodyear, 72, also earns income through his private investigation firm, Axiom and Associates. His wife, 48, also works, and the couple owns stock. Though he wouldn't have minded retiring, he's glad to be active: "If they sit down on a rocking chair they've got about five years left. I watched both my grandfathers do that" when they retired from Ford and General Motors, he said.

"I'm comfortable, not wealthy," he said. Not a bad thing to aspire to.

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