Made in America: Where Can You Find American-Made Fabrics?


Those changes are products of a global market, he said. "A company like Copland does not compete against individual companies. We compete against China, Incorporated -- against the government." Imported and American-made products differ so vastly in price, that "manufacturers here can't compete," he said.

At Copland, "virtually everything we touch here and utilize is manufactured in the United States," Hulighan said. But it's impossible for every aspect of fabric production to originate in America -- no looms are manufactured in the United States, he said. Aside from the looms, and certain chemicals, "we're as American-made as you can possibly be," Hulighan said.

Wildcat Territory and Copland Mills are just two examples of companies following the new definition of American-made in a changing industry -- staying committed to manufacturing in the United States with as much domestic raw material as possible. As Reib said, the new recipe for an American-made product is just like making a cake: "You might buy eggs and milk locally, but buy vanilla that comes from Madagascar. It's still American by my definition."

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