Red, Lite and Blue: The Beers Obama, Gates, Crowley Will Drink at White House

When asked by reporters at a briefing Monday about the beverage choice, Gibbs noted that Obama hoisted a Budweiser at baseball's All-Star Game earlier this month. Granted, however, the game was in St. Louis, home of Budweiser.

Gibbs also noted at that briefing that Crowley told the president he was more partial to Blue Moon.

"It's widely know that people have sat down together over a beer to resolve differences and disputes. We're happy to know that beer continues to be a beverage that brings people together for fellowship and our beer Blue Moon may be considered for the occasion," said Julian Green, a spokesman for MillerCoors, which owns Blue Moon.

"Blue Moon is a classic style of beer that is artfully crafted with an inviting twist and would be great for any occasion when people want to connect for a lighthearted moment," Green added.

Political Backlash for Blue Moon

Blue Moon, however, could be a problematic pick for the Democratic president, because while it is marketed as a small craft beer, it was actually created by Coors and today owned by MillerCoors. The Coors family has been a long-time supporter of the Republican party. Additionally, the AFL-CIO ran a decade-long boycott of the company's beer in the late 1970s and early '80s.

The Red Stripe for Gates could also be a problem. It is a foreign beer. The White House typically only stocks American beers, under a tradition dating to the Johnson administration.

Budweiser -- although apparently preferred by the President -- isn't a slam dunk either. Some could argue that the beer is no longer an American beer after being bought out by Belgian-Brazilian beer giant InBev, maker of Hoegaarden, Leffe and Stella Artois.

Devin Dinneen, general manager of Tommy Doyle's Irish Pub in Cambridge's Kendall Square, the bar that Crowley was in Friday when the president called, inviting him to the White House for a beer, offered some perspective. He was there on Friday when Crowley and some other police officers were eating lunch and Obama called.

"They're regulars at the bar because the [police] station is right around the corner from us in Cambridge," he said.

But Dinneen couldn't say any particular beer that Crowley likes to drink.

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