From Cub Scouts to the Corner Office

I have this vision that I am secretly unleashing. We need to re-engage our alumni. There are millions and millions of people involved in scouting and who've had a wonderful experience in scouting. I have this vision of the largest gathering of Eagle Scouts in the history of mankind on The Mall in Washington, D.C., prior to the jamboree, where we invite every Eagle Scout to come and rededicate themselves to the principles of scouting in 2010.

To that end, we're launching a major Eagle Scout search. Say we want a few "bald eagles." We want to bring them home. What's been the most exciting for you about a career in scouts?

Robert Mazzuca: To me the whole adventure has been because of the lapel pin that you wear, not because of you personally, but because of what you represent, in every community that we've been and every town we visit. You show up in the middle of the night, unpack, and the next day you're there working for the Boy Scouts. You have access to the best and the brightest in town. Every place we've been we've been able to work with the finest.

I can sit in the office of the chairman of Exxon Mobil [Rex Tillerson] and talk about scouting. I mean how cool is that? You should hear him talk about how the principals of scouting are what guides his life. Do you think being a scout has had any impact on these powerful figures in corporate America as far as the way they do business?

Robert Mazzuca: These CEOs recognize not only the value to them personally of being involved, but these are corporate giants who understand the value of a work force that has integrity, a work force that has the capacity for leadership, a work force that isn't going to steal the paper clips, for Pete's sake.

People who come through scouting know that the principles we work with are really valuable principles. If you want to be a good parent, just live by the scout oath and law. You want to be a good employee, live by the scout oath and law. You want to be a good CEO, live by the scout oath and law.

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