Pushing the Bounds of Sanity

A remodeled home described as a "railway resort" is on sale in Sherwood, Ore.

In Photos: Strange Structures

'Railway Resort' On Sale
'Railway Resort' On Sale
Under Cave Cathedrals On Sale
Calif. Home On Sale for $2.8M Looks Like Taj Mahal
Space Ship Arcade in Mass. Home
'The Taj' Home in Calif. Looks Like Taj Mahal
The 'Petal House' On Sale for $1.2M
Mansion with Moat on Market for $10.9 Million
'Petal House' For Sale
Cave-Like Home in Alpine, Calif. For Sale
'Floating Homes' Future Up in the Air
Future of 'Floating Homes' Uncertain
Home Built Out of Missile Silo
Kan. Couple Live in Former Nuke Base
Fla. Church Resembles Chicken
Fla. Church Resembles Chicken
Replica Disney Haunted Mansion Home for Sale
Cottage Hangs Off 7-Floor Building
World's Scariest Toilet
World's Scariest Toilet: Hangs Over 15-Story Elevator Shaft
Upside down house in Borneo
Satellite Station on Sale for $3M
Man Loses 'Star Trek Home'
Weird and Wacky Homes
Wacky but Wonderful Homes
Missile Silo: Home Sweet Home?
Missile Silo: Home Sweet Home?
Wacky but Wonderful Homes
Strange and Bizarre Structures
Seed Cathedral
Skinniest House in N.Y. Sold
Pushing the Bounds of Sanity
Strange and Bizarre Structures Palais Bulles
Strange Buildings/Longaberger Building
Strange Buildings/Kansas City Public Library
Strange Buildings/Waldspirale AKA Forest Spiral
Wacky but Wonderful Homes
There's a science behind the unconventional design, neon colors, sharp angles and crater-like floor at the "Bioscleave House Life Extending Villa." The house, in East Hampton, N.Y., was designed by artists and architects Arakawa and Madeline Gins, based on 40 years of scientific and philosophical investigation into how to use architecture to help people reverse destiny and live longer lives. The house is meant to throw its residents and visitors off balance, so that their bodies work to maintain equilibrium. Despite the design, Arakawa died in May 2010 and the three-bedroom house is on the market for $4 million. (Dimitris Yeros)
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