Pushing the Bounds of Sanity

This funky building was named Best Tall Building in Europe.

In Photos: Weird Buildings

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'Railway Resort' On Sale
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Space Ship Arcade in Mass. Home
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Upside down house in Borneo
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Wacky but Wonderful Homes
'Most Interesting Home in the World'
Grass-Covered House
Wacky but Wonderful Homes
Strange and Bizarre Structures
Seed Cathedral
Ice House Exemplifies Housing Crisis
Pushing the Bounds of Sanity
Strange and Bizarre Structures Palais Bulles
Strange Buildings/Longaberger Building
Upside down house in Borneo
Rumah Terbalik, which loosely means "reversed home" in Malay, opened in Feb. 2012 as Malaysia's first upside down house. Builder Alexander Yee told reporters, "If we keep exploiting our natural resources at the rate we are going, sooner or later we will find our world upside down." Visitors pay a fee and see upside-down light fixtures and other details of the home in Sabah in East Malaysia. (upsidedownhouse.com.my)
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