Valentine's Day Tip: Don't Go Overboard!

And the present doesn't have to be overtly romantic. A CD or book is a thoughtful gift, as long as it's chosen with the person's interests in mind, says Sacks. "Maybe the woman's a dog lover. Get something for her pet."

Why Can't Women Buy Men Flowers?

Traditionally, men have been cast more in the role of gift-buyers, but there's no reason why that can't change.

"I think it's really nice when women do stuff," says Coleman. "People always saw the guy as the one with the pocketbook. I think that's changing; I think that's changing a lot. I know women who have bought flowers [for men]."

It's important to consider the personality of the person you're with, as well as how long you've been dating and how fast the relationship has been moving.

"A lot depends on the depth of the relationship," says Post. However you decide to mark the day, "you want to do something in keeping with your personality and the personality of the person you're doing it with."

And you might also consider whether a gift is too suggestive -- like lingerie. "You have to be real careful with that," says Kase. "You don't want to be doing that on the second date."

So what if a person you're less than keen on does go overboard, getting you a big, fancy, expensive present?

If you're feeling awkward about it, say so. Politely.

"That would be an awkward situation," says Newman, author of "How to Meet a Mensch in New York." "Maybe you could be, 'I love it, but I don't feel ready to accept such a generous gift."

If you do accept the gift, you should still make your feelings clear. And if you feel very uncomfortable about it, says Post, "I'd feel better not accepting."

Great Expectations May Mean Big Disappointments

What if you really hoped the guy you're dating would use Valentine's Day to do something romantic, and he didn't get the hint?

"I really urge women not to read into it too much," says Sacks. "Don't raise the expectation of Valentine's Day because you're setting yourself up for disappointment."

If the relationship lasts, you might hint that it would be nice to be a little more romantic next time. But if one person in the relationship expects a big to-do and the other person is more low key, it may be time to take a look at whether your values really mesh.

And if your Valentine's Day doesn't work out the way you wanted it to, remember, there will always be other chances. And you don't have to wait for next Feb. 14 for them to come along.

"It really is just one day," says Newman. "You don't want to put all your eggs in the Valentine's Day basket."

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