Strapped Twenty-Somethings Move Back with Mom


For families with youth in debt, here are some steps both parents and kids can take to make the stay at home into a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Set a move-out date -- Make a realistic timeline for departure.

Take on some responsibility -- Whether it's paying a nominal rent fee or taking on household chores, both parties will feel like they're getting something out of the situation.

Work together to restructure debts -- Neither the parent nor the child can be expected to take on thousands of dollars in debt alone. Parents shouldn't bail out their kids, but can work with them to avoid new debt.

Respect boundaries -- Young adults moving back home should respect the house rules, but parents should take into account that their child is an adult now and may have to revise rules set in place from the last time they were living at home.

ABC News' Blair Soden contributed to this report.

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