Working Wounded: Listening Better

I don't e-mail period, 2.5 percent I e-mail but I'm paranoid about it, 28.5 percent I hit send and let the chips fall where they may, 30.6 percent I don't e-mail anything important, 38.2 prcent

Winning Strategy

Our winning strategy for handling sensitive topics in e-mail comes from SC in Cyberspace. "I simply don't handle sensitive subjects via e-mail — it's the electronic equivalent of shouting out of your window at someone across the street. You simply don't know who else is "listening." I've also learned not to use sarcasm, irony, or joking — all are subject to misinterpretation when being read. In short, treat your e-mail as though your boss, manager, or mother-in-law were reading over your shoulder. If you can't speak to someone directly about a sensitive subject, then you've got no business speaking to them about it at all."

List of the Week

Bob Rosner is a best-selling author, speaker and internationally syndicated columnist. His newest best seller, GRAY MATTERS: The Workplace Survival Guide (Wiley, 2004), is a business comic book that trades cynicism for solutions. Ask Bob a question: or publishes a new Working Wounded column every Friday.

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