'Working Wounded': What Is Title VII?

Use your head when hiring and you won't have to worry about the EEOC trying to semi-permanently tattoo you or your company.

Online Ballot and Contest

Here are the results from a recent workingwounded.com/ABCNEWS.com online ballot: What is the most important trait that employers are looking for?

Who you know; 8 percent How little they can pay you; 17.5 percent What you know; 27.5 percent How hard you're willing to work; 46.7 percent

Winning Strategy

Our winning strategy for figuring out what employers are looking for comes from Roger W. in Los Angeles. "There is so much information on companies out there. You can visit their Web site, visit their locations, go to your public library, etc. I can't understand why so many people go into interviews not knowing anything about the place where they supposedly want to work. Job seekers, show some initiative. Learn something about a potential employer and, trust me, it will be the best investment you've ever made."

List of the Week

Bob Rosner is the author of the Wall Street Journal business best seller, The Boss's Survival Guide (McGraw Hill, 2001), a speaker, and founder of the award-winning workingwounded.com & RetentionEvangelist.com. E-mail him at bob@RetentionEvangelist.com.

ABCNEWS.com publishes a new Working Wounded column every Friday.

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