Don't Confuse Bank Transfer Day With Occupy Wall Street, Says Coordinator


Christian also explained the reference to Englishman Guy Fawkes who tried to assassinate King James I in an attempt to restore Catholicism on Nov. 5, 1605. Fawkes' mask has become more widely used in the Occupy Wall Street protests.

ListenLogic said Guy Fawkes masks are used by Occupy protesters to symbolize anarchist intentions and, "more recently, to maintain anonymity while being destructive," said Christian. Occupy protesters with anarchist intentions are planning bonfires in city streets, according to Christian.

Christian explained that she hopes the use of Eddie Colla's Guy Fawkes imagery would replace any previous negative association of this date with the image of Americans in peaceful solidarity fighting for ethical business practices and community growth.

While many credit unions have cheered on her effort, some have said Saturday is not an ideal date for thousands to transfer their accounts.

Stephen Ranzini, president of University Bank in Ann Arbor, Mich., said there could be technical difficulties in transferring money on a day when money can't be transferred between institutions because the Federal Reserve is closed.

"Come Friday. Come Monday. Why come Saturday?" he told the Wall Street Journal.

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