Asiana Airlines' Crash Unlikely to Scare Away Customers

George Hobica, president and founder of, agrees, saying any impact after an airline incident is "short-lived" and "crashes are soon forgotten and they have no long term impact on consumers' choice."

Korean airline incidents in the 1990s caught the attention of the Federal Aviation Administration.

Asiana Airline's first major incident was in 1993 when Flight 733 crashed in poor weather in Mokpo airport in South Korea, killing 68 people, including two crew members. Four years later, a Korean Airlines flight crashed while landing on Guam Island during a rainstorm, killing 228 people. Another Asiana plane hit the tail of a parked jet at Anchorage International Airport. In 1999, a Korean air jet skidded off the runway while landing in Pohang, South Korea.

After these incidents, in 2001 the Federal Aviation Administration downgraded South Korea's safety system's ratings, saying the country's aviation authority did not comply with the International Civil Aviation Organization's standards. After changes were made, the restrictions were lifted in December of that year.

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ABC News' Alexis Shaw contributed to this report.

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