'Barefoot Bandit' Courtroom Drama Ends With 6-1/2 Year Sentence


Harris-Moore said he is relinquishing any profit from the movie for the victims of his crimes. Friel said a movie option was signed which usually entails a small initial payment while the bulk of the profit comes from the actual film.

About the emails disclosed this week, Rosen said the prosecutors "are picking and choosing a handful of statements and words from a 20-year old kid out of many hundreds of personal emails and phone calls that he had over the course of more than a year in jail."

"It's impossible for anyone, especially an active youth sitting in jail day after day to be mindful about every thought you have and every word you say, on a 24-7 basis," Rosen said. "Colton's remorse is real. Isolated thoughts and out of context remarks are good for prosecutors. The media embraces them. They make great sound bites, but sound bite melodrama has nothing to do with reality."

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