Are Hydrogen Cars a Threat to Electric Cars?

"We’ve been hearing that the fuel cell car is only 10 years away for the last 15 years," Brauer told ABC News. "As challenging as it is to build a viable, cost-effective electric car, it remains far more challenging to develop a realistic business case for fuel cell cars. Tesla has another decade, at least, to refine its electric car production before it will face any real competition from fuel cells."

Joyce doesn't compare the Hyundai Tucson to Tesla's electric Model S, which starts at $70,000, due to its higher price.

Tesla has invested in over 160 "Supercharger" stations across North America, Europe and China, which allow Model S owners to travel for free between cities.

Tesla claims that the Tesla Supercharger "is substantially more powerful than any charging technology to date, providing up to 135 kilowatts of power and replenishing half a charge in 20 minutes," according to a spokesperson.

Supercharger stations are strategically placed to allow owners to drive from station to station with minimal stops. They are located near amenities like roadside diners, cafes, and shopping centers so road trippers can stop for a quick meal and have their Model S charged by the time they’re done, the spokesperson said.

California has about 1,840 public electric-vehicle charging stations out of 8,514 nationally, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. The state with the second-highest number if Texas with 599 stations.

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