Cheap July 4 Lobsters? It Depends Where You Live


Chesapeake crab prices from Maryland are high also. Anderson said Maryland crabs start to drop after July 4, but will remain high through Labor Day this year. Where there are many small crabs in the Chesapeake Bay currently, they will reach their legal size to be captured in September and October.

Anderson said this fall and next summer "look great" for Chesapeake Blue crabs, with prices possibly 50 percent lower in October. Prices are currently $250 a bushel for "number one" males, the most meaty, sought-after crabs, at six to seven dozen in a bushel. Number two male crabs are $150 per bushel, for eight to nine dozen per bushel. Female crabs are about $90 to $100 a bushel, at eight to nine dozen per bushel.

Snow crab prices are more reasonable this year, but not cheap. Snow crab is selling for $5.99/lb to $8.99/lb this year.

The cheapest time for domestic crabs is in September and October when crabs are fattening up, and not shedding as they do in the summer, to prepare for the cold winter.

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