Chicago 'Million Miler' Sues United Airlines in Class Action for 'Immorally' Taking Away Perks


Lagen had to say bon voyage to the 100 percent bonus miles, which is now only 50 percent. He also no longer has the one-time award of three systemwide upgrades nor the two regional upgrades a year, according to the suit.

The suit also lashes out at the elevated treatment of Continental Airlines' frequent fliers.

"In stark contrast to the gutting of promised and bargained-for benefits for Million Milers, the new MileagePlus Program perversely and arbitrarily rewards former members of Continental Airlines' former Continental One Pass frequent flier program," the suit states.

"Under One Pass, Continental customers could obtain "miles" or credit without even stepping foot on a Continental plane," the suit states.

"United's egregious actions, if left unabated, will result in its unlawlly, not to mention immorally, retaining the millions upon millions of dollars it received from Million Miler members," the court filing states.

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