Cable Customer Pays $1,100 to Express Frustration with Time Warner Cable


What's the Best Way to File a Complaint With a Company?

After that incident, Mirman explained the joke to audiences of his stand-up show and passed out 20,000 postcards addressed to Delta over the span of a year.

A spokesman for the Federal Trade Commission, David Torok, said if consumers have a complaint against a business, they should first go to the company directly. He said most companies have toll-free numbers to call.

"A customer service line is usually the best place to start. And slowly you can escalate the complaint if you're not satisfied," he said. "Ask for manager. If that doesn't work, ask for the next person."

Torok said some complaints that should be in writing because of their financial repercussions and consumer-protection laws, including disputes about credit card bills or with debt collectors.

If that doesn't work, Torok said you should bring your complaint to outside authorities, including filing a complaint on the FTC's website, or contacting your state attorney general's office.

Torok said the FTC received 27,000 complaints against satellite and cable television providers, which comprised only 2 percent of its total complaints. Most common last year was identity theft, with 250,000 complaints, 19 percent of the total. The second most common complaint was against the debt collection industry at 11,000.

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