Debt Collectors Seek New Media Tactics: Email, Cell Phone and Text Messages


"I think the debt collection agency is a lot of things but charming is not one of them. And this five-point plan does not change that opinion," says Howard.

For Beacham, it's too little, too late.

"MarkOne was nice to me at first… and then they took U-turn. They made me feel like they wanted to help and in actuality they did not and they would do anything to get a payment," says Beacham.

Howard says he's seeing a trend as different companies use Facebook and other social media services to harass individuals, family and friends.

"They need to clean up their act but they're not doing it," says Howard. Which won't happen until "they start 1. Asking consumers nicely to pay their debts. 2.they start only asking consumers to pay money when they owe it. 3. They stop their deceptive ways and start collecting only the amount that is owed as opposed to their "miscellaneous penalties and fees."

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