Dennis Kozlowski's Life After Prison

Some white collar ex-cons, he says, have done extraordinarily well after prison.

"Martha Stewart has been extremely successful. Not only did she recover, she's one of the very few who's been able to return to her old job." Michael Milken, says Pavlo, "has made a great name for himself as a philanthropist, even though he never was able to get back into the securities business; he tried to, but he was pushed back."

Walt Pavlo: the visiting fellow of fraud

Conrad Black he calls "every defiant white collar criminal's hero. He's defiant and colorful—a professional pain in the ass to the U.S. government."

Black, set free 2012, has kept a high profile in jail and out, writing both about what he believes to have been the injustice of his incarceration--"A Matter of Principle," published in 2011--and U.S. history and foreign policy--"Flight of the Eagle" in 2013. He came to the public defense of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford earlier this month, telling the Calgary Herald, "a very large number of people" smoke crack occasionally.

What does Pavlo expect Kozlowski will do?

"I expect him to be closer in behavior to Ivan Boesky, who just disappeared. Outspoken as Kozlowski was before prison, he did not speak out once jailed. I think he will just fade away."

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