Dirty Little Secrets of Those Who Work From Home


As you might imagine, video calls are the bane of many a multitasking-happy, grooming-impaired home worker. Vogt, the web developer who often gets lost in his work before changing out of his bathrobe in the morning, describes the panicked rush he felt when recently forced to jump on a video conference call.

"After a mad dash, I managed to get the video portion of me presentable," Vogt said. "Little did they know about the bare feet and breeziness below."

Of course, there's nothing like a client challenging your professionalism to make you change your breeze-loving ways. "Lisa," a self-employed sales rep, who, you guessed it, couldn't use her real name, shared this tale:

"About a decade ago, I got into the habit of talking to clients in the nude. It initially started when I answered a call straight out of the shower, but I continued the practice for a couple years. I finally stopped when one of my clients made a joke about telecommuters working in the nude. It hit a little too close to home, and I now work in clothes."

This work is the opinion of the columnist and in no way reflects the opinion of ABC News.

Michelle Goodman is a freelance writer and former cubicle dweller. Her books include My So-Called Freelance Life: How to Survive and Thrive as a Creative Professional for Hire and The Anti 9-to-5 Guide: Practical Career Advice for Women Who Think Outside the Cube. Follow her at @anti9to5guide.

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