A Reddit User Follows a Tip and Scores: Get Your Dream Job

PHOTO: A trophy is pictured in this stock image. Getty Images
A trophy is pictured in this stock image.

One Reddit user says they scored their dream job after following some practical advice: "Apply for your dream job once a year."

And, the user said it worked.

"I am so happy!!!" the Reddit user wrote this week.

The user explained that someone offered that advice more than two years ago, seemingly through Reddit.

"I kept to it, and I actually applied at a few far from home. Well I got an interview from a place in town, and some how I got the job! I was a little under qualified, but they said that they would train me and help me through school!!! So whoever you are, I thank you for changing my life! I am leaving a job where I get injured frequently. I put in my two weeks notice today :)"

The user, whose identity is not known, notes the previous job was "cable running and Internet installations," that requires being on roof tops "99 percent of the time."

"I go to about 10 houses a day on average," the user notes. "Lots of scraped knees and hurt backs from being in weird positions for long periods of time. Also the sunburns and black shingle roofs in the middle of a hot day. You get some accidental hand burns. Lots of broken nails, too."

The "dream job" is being a "network engineer for a nuclear reactor," which requires managing the computer network for "hundreds of employees" and "working directly under the senior network engineer

The job typically requires experience of 5 years or more, but the user had only two years, another comment stated.

"I wear coveralls and gross boots every day to work, and now I get to wear makeup and my favorite Toms! I get to go shopping for clothes," the user notes.

While most of the Reddit community responded with congratulatory comments, one user asked, "Why wait a year?"