Groupon Founder Andrew Mason 'Just Wanted to Work on Cool Stuff'


He said one of the lessons he's taken away from the success of his company is that people will take responsibility to do the right thing when given the opportunity.

"The lesson that we kind of learned is that sometimes you make the best decisions when you think nobody is watching and we try to make sure that mentality is pervasive in everything that we do," he said. "That we maintain that we're a company that has a personality in the same way that people have a personality."

And yet, Mason remains wary of his success and cognizant that it could vanish at any time.

"Actually, none of it's been easy," he said. "Once you actually develop the mentality that you need to be successful, part of that mentality is being constantly afraid and paranoid about failures so that you can be on the lookout for avoiding those things -- making the path to success just completely depressing because all you're thinking about is the ways you're about to screw up."

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