Gun Club for Liberals: The Un-NRA

Hoeber of The Liberal Gun Club tells ABC News, "We haven't heard a peep. We'd certainly be interested in support from the industry, if the industry was interested in being seen as supporting us. Whether we would take their money would be up to the membership. We're not likely to turn anybody away."

Says Ed Gardner about the gun industry, "It would be great to be recognized by them. We're not your typical gun owners." But, he says, apart from some outreach from makers of gun accessories, the industry hasn't offered any support.

Hoeber says her own romance with guns began in childhood.

Growing up in Philadelphia, she says, she was 6 in 1976, during the Bicentennial. "The whole city was crawling with geeks in tri-corner hats and short pants explaining to small children how a flintlock worked. I was hooked."

Living in San Francisco in her early 20s, she walked into a S.F. gun store and saw a reproduction of an old, black powder rifle. "I could buy that and take that home," she says she said to herself—and she did. "I'm a technical and mechanical person. Tinkering is a major element in my personal involvement with firearms."

Her weapons today include a WWII M1 carbine rifle and a .44-caliber pistol.

We asked if there is any distinction to be made between the kinds of guns a liberal likes and the kinds a far-right conservative might prefer.

Teen arrested after wearing NRA T-shirt to school

Within the gun community, she says, conservatives have a stereotype about the kind of guns liberals like. "Conservatives assume, when they hear of our existence, that we're all into fancy double-barreled shotguns and rifles with wooden stocks." That's not the case, she says. "Our position is that scary black guns are very much okay. We do have members who think a limit on magazine capacity might be worthwhile. I personally don't believe that that kind of restriction makes the world a safer place."

Positions advocated by the Northern California Chapter of The Liberal Gun Club include:

"Additional regulations on lawful gun owners are over-prescribed political placebos that fail to cure the underlying systemic societal problems that are the root causes of violence. Instead of window-dressing 'solutions' like so-called 'assault weapons' bans and magazine capacity restrictions, we support root cause mitigation for violence prevention: stronger mental health care, addressing poverty, homelessness and unemployment."

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