Holiday Tipping Done Right


A gift for the person who helps the office run smoothly is a little tricky. It depends on how large your office is and how frequently you work together, said Yahoo! Finance columnist Laura Rowley. "But, for someone who is below you in the chain of command, it is nice to give them a gift," she said.

The Hair Stylist

One expert recommends tipping based on frequency and-or doubling the tip of your favorite hairstylist. The Emily Post Institute recommends taking the total price of a typical visit to the hair salon and dividing it between all the individuals that assist with your hair.

The Newspaper Carrier

The minimum tip for a newspaper carrier is $10 and the maximum is $30, according to experts.

The Doorman

If you live in a building with numerous doormen, determine what to tip based on frequency of use. The minimum tip for a doorman, who works over the scorching summer and bitter winter, is $20.

The Mail Carrier

Check the rules before you give to mail carriers who come to your house six days a week. It might not be permissible to give a cash tip. If you're able, and it's allowed, consider giving a gift that fits the governmental guidelines.

The Dogwalker

The experts are divided when it comes to tipping the person who takes care of the family pet. The suggestions range from a $20 minimum to one week's pay.

Housekeeper or Cleaning Lady

Our etiquette experts say a few days worth of work to up to one week's salary is the most appropriate gift for the person who helps keep your house in order.

Important Note: "Don't just give a gift, include a card," Post said.

The most important part of holiday tipping is the willingness to show appreciation.

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