Hottest New Business Venture: Food Trucks

Running a Food Truck Comes With Challenges

In running a food truck, one of the biggest obstacles is working around restricted areas. These mobile restaurants are not allowed to park and set up most places they would like to, where the foot traffic is heaviest.

There is also no central area in downtown Columbus to attract crowds, so food trucks have to be invited by companies and organizations to set up for employee dining specials. Concilla and Kraus rely heavily on social media to publicize their location and ever-changing menu.

Columbus has several food-truck festivals during the warm months, but even though such events are packed with customers and are great for exposure, it is still just one part of the income puzzle. So even in the chill of winter, Concilla and Kraus are out as often as the weather promises the hint of a profit and constantly re-working their business plan.

"The truck makes money when it's going," Kraus said. "But we needed to establish a way to make money when it's not going."

Now almost eight months later, Kraus and Concilla are as busy as possible during the slow winter months and are getting ready for the upcoming busy seasons. There is no hesitation from them that they made the right decision to go for it on their own.

"I don't want to take a day off anytime soon," Kraus said. "Personally, I can say that because it's my business. If I was working for somebody else and cooking their food, it would probably be different. I would probably want multiple days off a week, but right now I'm totally happy."

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