Hummer Bummer: Brand's Demise Enrages, Delights

It began as a tactical vehicle for the U.S. Army that one day motored its way into the hearts of off-road adventurers, bling-boasting rappers and even some (insert your own adjective here) suburbanites.

This week, all those groups are mourning the demise of Hummer, the latest brand to be shut down by recession-battered General Motors. GM initially planned to sell Hummer to a Chinese company, but the automaker announced Wednesday that the deal fell through.

GM has been shedding brands as part of larger effort to restructure and revive the bailed-out automaker. Last year, GM's Saturn and Pontiac also got the axe.

VIDEO: GMA announces construction of Saturn plant in 1985.

The demise of both those brands provoked strong reactions from readers, and Hummer was no different. In messages to, some praised the trucks as fun to drive while others panned them, criticizing the vehicles' perceived environmental effects -- the Environmental Protection Agency has actually given Hummer models relatively good scores on its air pollution effects scale in recent years -- and its decadent image. But the road-hogging vehicles, like the 2009 H3, got just 14 miles to the gallon in city driving, according to the EPA.

Here's what readers had to say:

"I have a 2003 Hummer H2. While the quality of the vehicle has not been the best I've ever bought, this is the most enjoyable vehicle I have had to drive. I will miss Hummer and plan on keeping mine for a very long time!"

VIDEO: GM gets rid of Saturn

-Chris Baird, Jellico, Tenn.

"I'll miss Hummer like I miss my wife's period when it ends. The ugly duckling of the vehicle world, gas guzzling behemoths and best friends with all the Arab oil barons."
-Mike Delportillo, Coral Gables, Fla.

"...A behemoth it is not, a gas guzzler it is not. It is NO DIFFERENT than any other mid-sized or full-sized SUV on the market with ONE exception -- it is one of the most capable, safe and comfortable 4 wheelers ever designed. And I have the pictures and magazine coverage to prove it."

"Those of us who own these vehicles and use them in a way which they were built to be used are unequivocally in love with our trucks...Don't knock it until you have tried it."
-Bebe, Auburn, Calif.

"I am a bicycle commuter and there is nothing that terrifies me more than being anywhere near one of those hideous monstrosities in traffic. Not only do I fear for my life, but I find that nine times out of ten, Hummer drivers will lean out their window and swear at me, then either throw something or tell me that I have no business on the road as they rev their engine and flex their tribal tattooed bicep. Good riddance to the Hummer."
-Laura Cook, Tulsa, Okla.

"I find the (Hummer) H3 to be the perfect vehicle. Mine is rugged and dependable. I always feel safe and secure in it. The first time I drove one was a blustery grey November day. The wind was up and it was raining. I never felt so comfortable and so secure driving down the road."
-Rick, St. Louis, Mo.

Hummer customers are among the latest to watch their favorite stores and brands bite the dust as the recession and its aftermath continues to bear down on profits and consumer demand. readers across the country shared a range of reflections on the closure of popular companies. Certain stores and brands drew stronger reactions than others. To see what readers had to say, see the next page.

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