As Seen on TV: 'GMA' Tries Infomercial Products Before You Buy!


Overall Grade: C

My complaints with the towel itself are few. The cotton is absorbent, there are multiple sizes and a few different colors, but when I wore it, I was cold. It's not like a robe that has full coverage, it's more like a towel that leave your shoulders exposed and it didn't fit me that well so it was a bit breezy. This is like a sad cousin of the snuggie, that while being equally ridiculous, just isn't functional enough to merit the money or the space it would take up.

We asked the company for a response. The designer and inventor of the wearable towel Ariel Raphael Stein said "customer reviews don't lie! 80 percent of respondents in America would recommend this to a friend."

The Gyro Bowl

The gyro bowl is a cute plastic bowl with handles and an inset bowl that rotates to stay upright most of the time. It's intended to help kids keep their snacks from spilling all over the house. When my 3-year-old twins tested it they were mostly able to keep their snacks in the bowl, but a few times the contents shifted and because of the way the way the bowls nest, crumbs spilled down into the outside bowl and scattered through the holes in the bottom bowl onto the floor and the couch. Also, when moving around snacks did occasionally fall out. I prefer the snack traps or snack catcher bowls that have soft flaps on the top that keep cereal contained but let little hands in.

Overall Grade: B-

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