Ivy League Professors Launch Website to Donate Tax-Cut Proceeds to Charity


Guy Saperstein, star lawyer and co-founder of another pro-tax group, "Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength," said he supported the political statement of the professors' group. He said the country needs a permanent improvement to its tax policy.

"America's revenue problems will never be solved by 'voluntary' donations of taxes back to the government," said Saperstein.

Markovits said the website will eventually publish the pledged amount to the linked charities, which include Habitat for Humanity, the Children's Aid Society and the Salvation Army, and the professors will share it with legislators and organizations that address tax policy.

"We chose charities that are highly respected, well rated by charity organizations and that focus on the interest and needs of working Americans," said Markovits.

The charities the group highlighted all have a job focus, according to Markovits. One of the reasons the group chose Habitat for Humanity is it provides job or life-skills training about real estate. He also noted it is the eighth largest homebuilder in the nation based on homes sold and closed.

The children's charities, on the other hand, provide the education needed for a skilled workforce.

"These are jobs programs in one way or another," Markovits said.

Hockett and Markovits said the response to the website has been "positive," though it's too early to gauge the site traffic or amount pledged. The professors say they do not have a dollar amount, or website traffic level, to measure their success."

"Obviously we'd like to raise money because these charities are worthy causes that will help people," said Markovits. "What would make this a success is if it contributes to a more just and prudent fiscal policy."

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