Fired From Dodgers Job, Wife Fights Back

But, according to William S. Beslow, the New York City lawyer who represented Nicole Kidman and Demi Moore in their divorces from Tom Cruise and Bruce Willis, respectively, the McCourts could take some lessons.

Both those divorces were amicable -- "the way these things should be," he told

Beslow said Jamie McCourt's legal efforts to get her job back are "kind of untenable," especially if she is an employee-at-will. "He can say. 'We hate each other.'

"One would think that there needs to be a certain cordiality between the owner of the team and the principal architect of management," he said. "They are fighting each other in court and in the press. It sounds nasty and a problem if they continued to work side by side. And there is the issue of what employees do in terms of loyalties."

But for now, Jamie McCourt is seething over the cold and impersonal termination letter, obtained by TMZ, in which her husband cites "insubordination, nonresponsiveness, failure to follow procedures and inappropriate behavior with regard to a direct subordinate" as reasons.

Frank McCourt even asked his wife to return her Dodgers employee manual.

Frank McCourt Fires Wife in Formal Letter

"It's an extraordinary document, like you were firing a secretary -- and this from a man to his wife of 30 years," said Jamie McCourt's personal attorney, Bert Fields.

"You are hereby terminated and accusing her of subordination," he told "I want to try that on my wife. She didn't obey her husband."

Jamie McCourt, who said the firing letter was meant to "humiliate and ostracize" her, has told the court she can't pay her bills and wants her soon-to-be-ex husband to pony up for attorney fees estimated at $2 million, as well as $500,000 for an accountant.

Fields said that their marital discord had been "simmering for some time.

"They tried not to let it affect the team and the playoffs," he said. "But they certainly knew there was a real problem. Sure, [the letter] was a very legal maneuver done in a way that extraordinary husband to wife -- to do it by letter rather than talking."

Fields claims Jamie McCourt is genuinely looking to get her job back -- and not just out of spite.

"She loves baseball and has been very active in the decision-making," he said. "It's not just a title. She is very involved in the Dodgers and wants enthusiastically to retain ownership."

Meanwhile, lawyers on both sides are sending mixed signals on ownership of the Dodgers. Estate records show Frank McCourt as sole owner, but his wife claims no new documents were ever signed and has a reputable witness to prove it, said Fields.

Frank McCourt's lawyer, Marshall Grossman, told media her account was a "fairy tale" and said the marital agreement lists the Dodgers and the adjoining property, including Dodger Stadium, as his client's separate assets. He said the couple agreed she would get the homes.

But divorce lawyers said the level of vitriol in the court battle means both husband and wife are likely to strike out. Only the public, eager for more juicy details, will score in this game.

"The McCourts are public figures, and everyone is interested in every prurient aspect of their lives," said AAML's Viken. "We are interested in the lives of the rich and famous and take delight that they have troubles like everyone else. Unfortunately, it puts ideas in people's minds.

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