March Unemployment Falls to 8.2 Percent as 120,000 Jobs Added

And the other issue on the job front is that people finishing school can't find full-time jobs and the the long-term unemployed are struggling to find work.

In the past year employment for college graduates is up 1.47 million, and up about 800,000 for workers with some college education, including an associates degree. Jobs are down 222,000 for workers with a high school diploma or less.

"Until hiring picks up, these problems will persist," Bronars said.

He said it seems clear from the data that workers are not as confident about the economy as the experts are.

"People don't quit a job in a recession or if they think it will be very difficult to find a better job. In a healthy job market, people are optimistic enough to quit their jobs. Quits are still 30 percent below their pre-recession levels. So, with all due respect to the so-called economic experts, if the labor market is creating so many jobs, why aren't more people quitting their current jobs to move into better higher paying jobs? I will believe the labor market has recovered when we see an increase in quits," Bronars said.

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